Bathroom Services

Bathroom Services

A High Quality Yet Affordable Bathroom Renovations Alternative in Adelaide

Have you been searching for a reputable business to deliver outstanding results for your home? If you don’t like the colour of your bathroom or if it’s just in need of a facelift, you may like your bath and shower tray resurfaced to look new again. Tiles can be updated to a gloss white, and grout lines covered by our coating. This leaves you with no moulding grout lines to clean.

Vanity doors can be resurfaced, and as a feature, your vanity top can be resurfaced with a stone look coating (see our colour range on the kitchen page). There is no need to strip out these items. Our skilled renovators will modernise your space and complete the job at a cheap cost to you. Refer to OUR SRVICES page for more detail about the product.

Our bathroom renovators will transform your home

With several years of experience in the business, you can be sure that whatever renovations job we complete for you, whether it’s in your bathroom or your kitchen, it is completed to the highest possible standard, leaving you with something you’re bound to love.

Why you need to invest in our bathroom resurfacing services in Adelaide

There are many reasons why our bathroom renovations are a more logical option than opting to pay a small fortune for a complete refit. Not only will our process save you a considerable amount of money, it will also be completed in the fraction of the time it takes to completely renovate a bathroom. In today’s day and age where everybody is short on both time and money, our service is the obvious choice.

Beyond that, our bathroom resurfacing also means you can keep your existing, beloved design and breathe new life into it. Many individuals and families are happy with their existing bathroom design, but unfortunately age and the build-up of grime has deteriorated its visual appeal. Instead of settling for an imitation design which may or may not reflect the original charm or character of your bathroom, our services offer another solution. Bathroom resurfacing means you get to keep your current design, whilst revitalising those tired surfaces and making them look brand new again.

Improve the resell value of your home with our bathroom renovations

Whether you’re planning on selling any time soon or in the distant future, bathroom resurfacing will improve the overall value of your home. When home buyers do an inspection on a property, they’re interested in how much the property is going to cost them and how much they’re going to have to spend (if anything) to get it in decent property. This means they’re going to be looking at aged or deteriorating bathrooms, kitchens and other benchtops. These are all areas that home buyers are very interested in looking at, as they typically require the most work and can be quite expensive to fix up.

As our bathroom renovations allow home owners to give their space an entirely revamped and brand new looking appearance, this is one less thing any potential buyers would have to worry about. Ultimately, you will be in a stronger position to sell your home and get the best possible price.

The trusted name in the industry for many years

We have worked tirelessly to continually set the benchmark when it comes to providing customer service and quality workmanship. Each of our highly trained team members comes backed by many years of experience and boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We’re big believers in going the extra distance for our customers and with this in mind, we are always seeking new ways to exceed your expectations. This could mean offering valuable design advice, after sales services on maintenance and upkeep, or simply maintaining a friendly and professional demeanour throughout our time together. These are the little things that truly set us apart from the competition.

If this sounds like the type of service you’d like to hire to organise your bathroom resurfacing in Adelaide, then make sure you get in touch to make a booking. We’d also be happy to offer any advice or suggestions on the right finish to suit your space.

Talk with us today to learn more

For any additional information concerning the renovators services that we proudly provide throughout Adelaide including fantastically cheap yet quality alternatives to both bathroom and kitchen renovations, please feel free to call us at 0412 385 823. Alternatively, you can use our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide doesn’t need to be Expensive! Call us now!

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