Kitchen Services

Kitchen Services

Adelaide’s Best Alternative to Expensive Kitchen Renovations

Looking to give your place a facelift but don’t want to pay through the teeth? Big renovations are extremely timely and expensive. At Resurfacing Adelaide we can offer you a smart, efficient and cost effective solution with a cheap kitchen renovation. Are you aware that a full room restoration probably isn’t necessary? We can skip all the demolition and still give your space an amazing overhaul, saving you a whole lot of time, effort and money.

Resurfacing is quickly becoming a top choice for kitchen renovators. It offers an affordable, quality, superior finish and saves an amazing 70% on replacing tired or out-dated rooms in your home. No need to completely demolish your existing kitchen, resurfacing will accomplish your new fresh design at a fraction of the cost of replacing entire rooms.


Renovators may think so, but doors and fixed panels do not always need replacement. They can be cleaned, repaired, prepared and resurfaced with our unique Polyglass Resin in a HIGH gloss or LOW gloss finish in any colour of your choice from the Dulux range.


The splash back can be resurfaced any colour in Dulux range with a HIGH gloss finish, removing the need to scrub grease out of grout lines.


Benchtops are prone to more wear and tear that the rest of your kitchen. If your benchtop looks tired, resurfacing renovations offer minimal disruption and less cost, making it a better alternative to new. You’ll also be saving on landfill so benchtop resurfacing is a superior environmental alternative, too.

Benchtops are our specialty. We can spray a stone look coating in a range of 28 colours. You can contrast your cabinets with a stylish new stone look for your bench.

What benefits can you expect from our kitchen renovations?

First and foremost, choosing to resurface is a much more economical alternative to spending large sums of money on having your entire kitchen gutted and refitted. Many home owners don’t even know such an option exists and simply resign themselves to copping the unnecessary bill. Not only that, but this often means their kitchen is out of action for a long stretch of time as the renovations are completed. This is a hassle that majority of home owners could do without.

This brings us to the second benefit. Time spent. Renovations can run into complications or delays and take and overly long time to complete, where as our kitchen renovations can have your Adelaide property looking like brand new in a fraction of the time.

Finally, resurfacing means you don’t have to part with that beloved benchtop or kitchen cabinet that you’ve loved for years. Some people don’t like change and when it comes to replacing splashbacks and countertops, if you can’t find the exact same style to replace it with, then you may want to forget about it all together. Utilising our efficient method, you can keep that tired old beauty and breathe new life into it so it’s looking as good as new.

Why us?

Backed by years of experience in the industry we are Adelaide’s trusted kitchen renovations experts. We have always gone the extra mile to ensure the absolute satisfaction with every customer, and this commitment is reflected in our long history of satisfied clients. Our aim is to exceed your expectations wherever possible, going above and beyond to ensure you are absolutely happy with our service. Whether this be, cleaning up after ourselves when we’ve finished, being polite and courteous at all times, or after sales service, we believe in offering the little things.

All of our team members are highly trained and have worked on a great variety of different kitchen styles and designs. If you’re unsure as to the type of finish to apply to your kitchen, they will be more than happy to work with you and offer their informed industry knowledge. Having seen what works and what doesn’t with many homes, our team will know first-hand what will suit you best.

Find out more about what our renovators can do for you today

If there is any additional information that you’re interested in regarding what our professional kitchen and bathroom renovators can do for your Adelaide home, please call us on 0412 385 823 now. If you’d prefer, you can also send us a message using our online contact form, which we’ll be sure to respond to as soon as possible.

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