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Our Services

Adelaide’s Leading Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing and Renovations Experts

Have you been looking everywhere for a service to transform your bathroom or kitchen? Whether your current design is looking a little tired and worn, or you simply want to give your space a facelift, Resurfacing Adelaide can assist. Providing first-rate kitchen resurfacing, bathroom renovations and more for Adelaide homes and businesses, we are a trusted name in the industry.

Our kitchen resurfacing team can completely revitalise your space

Don’t settle for spending all of your hard earned money on a traditional renovation that you don’t need. Our kitchen resurfacing can refurbish everything from fixed panels, doors, benchtops and more.

Kitchen cabinets

Whether they need cleaning, repairs, or resurfacing with our tried and tested Polyglass Resin, we will be sure to have your cabinets looking brand new. With both high and low gloss finishes to choose from in a range of colours from the Dulux range, the appearance of your in-built kitchen furniture is completely in your hands.


As they experience the most love, benchtops are always the first part of any kitchen to begin to deteriorate. This means they need a lot more attention to have them looking great again. Our benchtop resurfacing techniques are non-invasive to you and your family members and cost only a fraction of the price of buying a brand new benchtop. The decision is easy really.


Sick of that old tired colour? Well why not choose something new and bold from the Dulux colour range? Opt for a high gloss finish so you no longer have to endure the back breaking work of scrubbing accumulated grease from the grout.

Transform your Adelaide bathroom with our renovation services

Offering our clients a virtual suite of options, we can do everything from updating tiles to a gloss white, grout lines can be covered by our premium coating (meaning no mouldy grout to constantly clean), or we can revitalise your shower and bath tray. We can even resurface your vanity top with a stone finish coating for a high quality, yet affordable appearance. Perhaps you’d like us to offer a complete bathroom renovation to modernise your space with refurbished surfaces and updated colour schemes? The options are all yours.

What makes our benchtop resurfacing the best choice for your home or business?

Put simply, our bathroom renovations and kitchen resurfacing services are the only logical choice for those looking to improve the aesthetic value of their homes. Benchtop resurfacing is dramatically more affordable compared to completely gutting and refitting your interior spaces. Not only this, but reusing your old benchtop prevents you from having to add it to a landfill and in turn reduces your impact on the environment. In this regard, our kitchen and bathroom renovations are a more sustainable and eco-friendly option.

Another added benefit of our benchtop resurfacing for your Adelaide property is the quick and easy turnaround time. Removing old benchtops, vanities, splashbacks and the like, and replacing them with new ones is a timely process, whereas our resurfacing can be completed before you know it. This means you and your family will be put out for as little as possible, while still receiving a beautiful finished result that will completely revitalise and modernise the interior of your home.

Improve your home’s resell value with our first-rate renovations

Our kitchen and bathroom renovations are also an investment for your Adelaide property and will ensure you get a more favourable price should you decide to sell. Potential home buyers are always on the lookout for homes that require minimal work to restore, and if you’ve already gone  through the time and effort to have your interior spaces revamped and improved, then this is one less thing they will need to spend money on. This in turn will secure you the best possible price, essentially paying off the cost of the resurfacing in the process.

Find out more about how we can assist you today!

How can we help? Whether to learn more about our reliable services, or to request an obligation free quote, our team is ready to assist. You can call us on 0412 385 823, or alternatively leave us a message online and one of our highly trained staff members will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible. We’re always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our valued clients and this will be evident in our ever helpful and professional manner.


Professional product and service

We pride ourselves in offering old fashioned personalised service. The key to customer satisfaction is great service and quality work. We are committed to high standards of business practice and business ethics. We are always punctual and keep our appointments. Our experienced technicians are trained to help you decide on colours and finishes. They will work with you, giving ideas and advice.

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Resurfacing Adelaide takes pride in customer service and quality workmanship paying close attention to detail to ensure the work is completed to a high standard. We want you to love your results now and for years to come.

We are not a franchise but we are part of a network of independent resurfacers, Resurfacing Australia, who only allow professional independent resurfacers to join by agreeing to the highest standards of resurfacing, quality assurance of product and advanced techniques. Your new surface will last well beyond the 5 year written warranty we provide.

RA Approved



Our superior range of resurfacing products are Low in VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds. When a product takes 24+ hours to cure, the volatile toxins are in your home and breathed in by your family. Don’t take this risk. The cure time of our products is only 2 or 4 hours with 4H hardness. No other resurfacing product available can match this. Our products are from Napco Ltd and exclusively supplied by Absolute Resurfacing in Australia. They are the only bathroom and kitchen products of their kind to receive the approval for the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations. In addition to our Low VOC products, we use extractor fans to remove the fumes while spraying.
PolyGlass™ Polyurethane is an amazing product, resilient to cracking during expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations and providing a surface which is harder than acrylic or enamel. It also has excellent stain resistance and colour retention. Unlike epoxy enamels and motor vehicle materials which are used by many of our competitors, our product will not crack or yellow over time..    Don’t forget, we offer a 5 year written waranty.



Firstly all silicone will be removed to prevent trace contamination. The surface will then be cleaned using commercial grade cleaning agents to penetrate the surface for all matter. Our resurfacers will then etch surfaces for coating bonding and are fully trained to diagnose what the surface requires. We will then mask around the surface area for protection
Our paint coating is sprayed through a HVLP – High Volume Low Pressure Spray system. Our resurfacers are highly trained with spraying techniques for each different surface to deliver a flawless finish everytime.

Once the surface area has been resurfaced and cured masking around the area is removed and the area will be re-siliconed. Any fittings will be re-installed and the room will be clean and ready for use.